Prayer List


                      WEEK OF November 29, 2017

Christine Holden                                U.S. Military and Families

Betty Amos                                         Mingo Spanish Mission

Vickie Goodson                                  Leaders of America

Dottie Edwards                                   Our Church

Joyce Bullock                                      Missionaries

Each Other                                          Lost & Unchurched

Franklin & GealdaWilliams                  Leah Brown (IMB)

Julie Collins                                        Agape Pregnancy Support

Faye Honeycutt                                  New Church Starts

Joyce & Landon Autry                        Economy

Youth/Tommy Vitone                          Unemployed              

Robert Beasley                                   Archie Bass & Family     

Karen Edge                                        Our Community

Doris Murray                                      Agnes Spell

Grant Matthews                                 Rev. Steve Freeman                         

Christopher Gagne                            Willy Parish

Tina Patrick                                        Dr. Angela Mickey    

Craig & Kellie Faircloth & Family       Ray Gainey & Family

Lillie & Myron Jackson                       Beth Hall        

Elwood & Ann House                         Greg & Sheila Oliver 

Gail Blackmon                                    Debra Winstead         

Ray Barefoot                                      Donna Autry Melvin

Pete Ammons                                    NC Baptist Children’s Homes

Bill                                                      J.C. Crawford

Rusty Barbour Family                        Hurricane Victims &

Walter Bull                                         Volunteers of Matthew, Harvey Jackson Wise                                               & Irma

Julia McPhail                                     Revival (March 4- 8, 2018)

Candice Hunt                                     Brenda Sullivan

Donna Holden                                   Jamey Watkins

Angie Collier                                      Betty Smith

Gary & Cathy Lobdell                        Victor Murray Hottel 

Connie &Angela Lucas                      Amie Neighbors

Dorareen Bass                                   Elizabeth Hall

Christy Boyette                                   

Note: To add a prayer request to our list please give it to Pastor                                                                          Dees in writing. 

Prayer requests will be taken off after 30 days unless we receive an update.